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Feature Matrix:

Feature Trial Edition Professional Edition
ActionScript 2.0 Support
Standard HTML Style
Standard Comment Tag Support
Detailed Class/Package selection
Filter Comment Tags Support
Source Code Analyzation
XSLT Transformations
Project Save/Load
Custom Comment Tag Support
Command Line Support
Support for unlimited classes/interfaces
Support raw XML output
Support for custom Styles
Style generation configuration
CustomActions/HelpPanel/MXI Style
RTF Style
Stub Code Style
Free E-Mail Support
Free Upgrades of version 1.x

Source Code Parsing:

AS2Doc reads AND understands your source-code

Your source code is not just parsed for comment tags. The process of generating a documentation with AS2Doc also analyzes the source code, automaticly detecting the object types and names of identifiers without having to type them in the comments along your source.

Raw XML Documentation:

AS2Doc is modular and extendable

AS2Doc gains power using XML as the itermediate documentation format to store a generated version of your documentation. XML is the best way to maintain a cross-usability aspect for the documentation and enable the use of XSL in order to generate various output formats.

XSL Transformations:

AS2Doc Documentation in various formats

The usage of XSL Transformations combined with the XML generated by AS2Doc allows for a bright spectrum of possible output formats for your documentation. Advanced users are even able to write custom XSL Styles to generate any output they desire!

Industry standard HTML Documentation:

AS2Doc HTML Documentation

AS2Doc includes a standard HTML XSL Style to generate a clear and easy to browse documentation on HTML basis from your source code. The documentation follows known rules and features various ways to make the browsing easier.

AS2Doc HTML Documentation

Command Line Support:

AS2Doc Documentation from the prompt

AS2Doc can be easily integrated into your desired development environment. Full control of all aspects for the generation of your documentation using command-line options enable automated documentation creation.

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