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Package mx.controls

Class Summary

mx.controls.Alerta alert window with a title bar, caption The title bar can be used to drag the alert window to a new location.

mx.controls.ButtonButton class - extends SimpleButton - adds label and text with layout - adds ability to resize without distorting the skin

mx.controls.CalendarLayoutThis class would handle the layout of the date grid in a month.

mx.controls.CheckBoxCheckBox class extends Button

mx.controls.ComboBaseComboBase EXTENDS UIComponent ComboBase consists of a dataProvider, a textfield and a button.

mx.controls.ComboBoxComboBox class - extends ComboBase - uses Popup class - adds a listbox inside a popup, and a mask

mx.controls.CustomButtona button that resizes in one dimension by placing two end caps and stretching a middle piece

mx.controls.DataGridDataGrid class - extends List

mx.controls.DateChooserThe class for handling DateChooser functionality.

mx.controls.DateFieldDateField class

mx.controls.HScrollBarhorizontal scrollbar.

mx.controls.LabelLabel class

mx.controls.ListList class - extends ScrollSelectList - gives the user the ability to select one or many options from a scrolling list

mx.controls.LoaderLoader class - extends View

mx.controls.MediaControllerMediaController contains the playback controls for controlling streaming media files.

mx.controls.MediaDisplayMediaDisplay plays FLV and MP3 files.

mx.controls.MediaPlaybackMediaPlayback is a full-featured displayer and controller of streaming media.

mx.controls.MenuMenu class - extends ScrollSelectList - gives the user the ability to select an option from a scrolling list

mx.controls.MenuBarMenuBar class - extends UIComponent - gives the user the ability to select an option from a menu within a series of menus

mx.controls.NumericStepperNumericStepper class extends UIComponent

mx.controls.ProgressBarThe class for handling ProgressBar functionality.

mx.controls.RadioButtonRadioButton class extends Button

mx.controls.RadioButtonGroupRadioButtonGroup class

mx.controls.SimpleButtonSimpleButton class extends UIComponent use if button does not need to be resized does support icons or text

mx.controls.TextAreaa multi-line text area, complete with optional scrollbars

mx.controls.TextInputa single-line text input control

mx.controls.TreeTree class - extends List


mx.controls.VScrollBarvertical scrollbar.

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