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Version 1.2.0 (upcoming)
Thursday, January 19, 2006
  • Parser: Rewritten complete parser code
  • Parser: Modular parser core (for possible future AS1 and AS3 support)
  • Parser: New parser creates doctree on syntax which should fix all parser related issues
  • Style: Anchor Style mismatch in XHTML Style
  • Style: Tags between <code> tags were removed in RTF output
  • Style: New Flash 8 Documentation Style
  • GUI: Small improvements
  • General: Generation speed improvements
  • Style: @event support
  • General: Several bugfixes

Version 1.1.1
Thursday, February 17, 2005
  • GUI: Removed Project Dialog Debug information
  • Parser: Comments using // following a */ caused the generation not to continue
  • Style: Updated Flashhelp Style to conform to MX 2004 Professional Version Component Documentation
  • Style: Updated Flashhelp Style to list inherited members in class overview
  • Parser: Brackets in Field initialisation caused problems with Metadata parsing

Version 1.1.0
Monday, February 7, 2005
  • Style: New XHTML/CSS Documentation Style
  • Style: New Stub Code Generation Style
  • GUI: Fixed buttons staying disabled after missing path message
  • Core: Added Metadata support - [Tag(key=value,...)] (Not reflected in styles yet)
  • XSLT: COM Helper Object functionality targeting to improve speed, usability and enabling more features
  • Core: Added {@include} inline tag for external file inculsion

Version 1.0.8
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
  • Style: Various minor updates in all styles
  • Core: Support for #include directive
  • GUI: Dialog text on browse dialog
  • Parser: Improved parameter comment parsing
  • GUI: Unicode support updates
  • Fix: Revised support for Unicode

Version 1.0.5
Thursday, November 11, 2004
  • Style: Added @deprecated tag functionality
  • GUI: New classview with easier and faster package/class/interface selection
  • Style: MXI .as directory defaults to "Classes/" now and available as style-parameter
  • Parser: function parameters spanning multiple lines are read correctly now
  • Parser: Some trailing ------*/ sequences appeared in documentation
  • Core: Generated files are no longer "locked" if an error occurs
  • Core: Changed Property handling
  • All styles now merge properties on a single page if possible
  • Style: RTF Style failed generation on incomplete parameter comment tags
  • Fixed problem with Unicode characters on package summary in RTF style
  • Fixed footer problems with different language versions of Word

Version 1.0.0
Friday, August 20, 2004
  • Style: Added Flash MX 2004 HelpPanel Style
  • Parser: Added option to parse comments in JavaDoc "." sperator style
  • Parser: Fixed problem with empty methods - method{}
  • Parser: Fixed property/method parsing (methodname: set or get)
  • Core: Fixed comment inheritance on properties
  • Parser: Obsolete space was added in some short descriptions
  • Style: Supports UTF-8 correctly as specified by RTF 1.8 specification
  • Style: Corrected problems with Unicode characters in RTF output
  • CLI: Problem if style did not exist in project.xml but was specified with -style option

Version 0.9.8
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
  • Style: Added new HTML Style Parameter - "footer"
  • Core: Wildcard <file> copy action generated a directory even if it did not exist in sourcedir
  • Parser: Fixed problem with continues multiple-tags with multiple lines
  • XML: @param comment tags now receive attribute "id"
  • Core: Changed @param tag handling
  • Parser: Correct @param [<name>] <description> handling (if name is omitted, order counts)
  • Style: Fixed problems with Frame display
  • Style: @link, @see resolving displays text instead of dead-link if target not found
  • Core: Automatic comment inheritance based on implementations and superclass/interface
  • Core: Adding "Overrides" and "Specified by" tags
  • Style: HTML Style improvements
  • Core: XML Serialization fixes
  • Core: Fixed rare threading problem causing crash
  • Parser: Minor parsing improvements
  • CLI: Added -g <pkg|class> option
  • GUI: Project Save/Load for selected packages/classes
  • Core: Changed handling of generation pipe
  • Style: Enabled frames in HTML style
  • Style: Added CustomActions Style
  • Style: Added RTF Style

Version 0.9.7
Friday, July 9, 2004
  • GUI: Dynamic Style Configuration
  • GUI: Minimizing window works properly now
  • CLI: CLI Parameters override Project settings
  • CLI: Style Parameter support -s:<name>
  • CLI: Implemented project file handling
  • CLI: Generation speed improvement
  • Parser: Field parsing improvements
  • Core: Improved Parameter handling

Version 0.9.6 BETA
Saturday, June 12, 2004
  • GUI: Project Load/Save
  • CLI: -styleoptions implemented
  • Style: Added -s:<option> <parameter> support
  • Parser: Multi-line <code> tags are converted to <pre>
  • Style: Output encoding matches xsl:output encoding attribute
  • Style: Fixed Interface details hiararchy and inheritance
  • Core: Generation does not freeze GUI
  • Core: Show total processed packages, classes and interfaces
  • Core: Resolve class/interface references to fully qualified names
  • XML: UTF-8 encoding for xml documentation
  • GUI: Notice while overview list is searching classes
  • Core: Creates abstract source documentation tree enables multiple sourcepaths
  • Parser: AS1 parsing fixes
  • CLI: Generation from command line with standard options
  • Parser: Enable html escaping within <code>
  • Parser: <code> tags preserve linebreaks and whitespaces correctly now
  • Parser: Skips same character sequences (/****...,/**-----------..., etc)
  • Styles: Fixed parent properties not listed in all cases
  • Styles: Added wildcard support in copy directives
  • Styles: Added class hierarchies
  • Styles: Interface lists all known implementing classes

Version 0.9.5 BETA
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
  • CSS: Style update
  • XML: Minor Fixes
  • Styles: Show inherited members in summary
  • Styles: Class Detail Hirarchy Tree
  • XML: If last class in a package was ignored a bad namespace was created
  • XML: get/set methods receive read,write access attributes
  • Styles: get/set methods grouped in "Property" category now
  • Parser: {} within comments caused parsing problems
  • Styles: Minor XSL fixes
  • Styles: Fixed <root> class support & low level packages
  • Styles: Added {@link} support and link generation
  • Styles: Added @see support and link generation
  • Parser: Multiple tags handled correctly now
  • Styles: Added {@docRoot} support
  • Styles: Added multiple continues tags support (@see, @author)
  • Core: CLI & GUI hybrid functionality

Version 0.9.4 BETA
Monday, March 22, 2004
  • Release: Public Trial Version

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