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class SkinElement


All Known Subclasses: FocusRect, FocusRect

class SkinElement
extends MovieClip

The class for skin elements.

SkinElements support a common API for sizing and positioning If you do not have any other special needs just register your skins as skin elements. If you do have your own class, register that class anyway otherwise it will get re-registered as a skin element and your class code will not be executed. This is essentially UIObject without events, style API, and child object management.

Field Summary

height: Number

top: Number

visible: Boolean

width: Number

Fields inherited from class MovieClip

_alpha, _currentframe, _droptarget, _focusrect, _framesloaded, _height, _lockroot, _name, _parent, _quality, _rotation, _soundbuftime, _target, _totalframes, _url, _visible, _width, _x, _xmouse, _xscale, _y, _ymouse, _yscale, enabled, focusEnabled, hitArea, tabChildren, tabEnabled, tabIndex, tooltipText, trackAsMenu, useHandCursor

Fields inherited from class Object

__proto__, constructor, prototype

Method Summary

__set__visible ( visible: Boolean ): Void

move ( x: Number, y: Number ): Void

registerElement ( name: String, className: Function ): Void
All library assets that want to participate in our resizing and recoloring schemes need to be SkinElements or UIObjects.

setSize ( w: Number, h: Number ): Void

Methods inherited from class MovieClip

attachAudio, attachMovie, beginFill, beginGradientFill, clear, createEmptyMovieClip, createTextField, curveTo, duplicateMovieClip, endFill, getBounds, getBytesLoaded, getBytesTotal, getDepth, getInstanceAtDepth, getNextHighestDepth, getSWFVersion, getTextSnapshot, getURL, globalToLocal, gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, hitTest, lineStyle, lineTo, loadMovie, loadVariables, localToGlobal, moveTo, nextFrame, onData, onDragOut, onDragOver, onEnterFrame, onKeyDown, onKeyUp, onKillFocus, onLoad, onMouseDown, onMouseMove, onMouseUp, onPress, onRelease, onReleaseOutside, onRollOut, onRollOver, onSetFocus, onUnload, play, prevFrame, removeMovieClip, setMask, startDrag, stop, stopDrag, swapDepths, unloadMovie, valueOf

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addProperty, hasOwnProperty, isPropertyEnumerable, isPrototypeOf, registerClass, toLocaleString, toString, unwatch, valueOf, watch

Field Documentation


var height: Number


var top: Number


var visible: Boolean


var width: Number

Method Documentation


function __set__visible(visible: Boolean): Void
See also:


function move(x: Number,
 y: Number): Void
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static function registerElement(name: String,
 className: Function): Void
All library assets that want to participate in our resizing and recoloring schemes need to be SkinElements or UIObjects.

If you are not a SkinElement you must register here. Otherwise, you will be a SkinElement automatically

Symbol name of object
Name of Class that supports the object


function setSize(w: Number,
 h: Number): Void
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