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class MenuRow


class MenuRow
extends SelectableRow

Field Summary

branch: Boolean

icon_branch: MovieClip

icon_mc: MovieClip

icon_sep: MovieClip

iconID: String

idealWidth: Number

isEnabled: Boolean

lBuffer: Number

rBuffer: Number

selected: Boolean

type: String

Fields inherited from class mx.controls.listclasses.SelectableRow

backGround, bGCol, bGTween, cell, clr, disabledColor, grandOwner, highlight, highlightColor, icon_mc, isChangedToSelected, item, listOwner, LOWEST_DEPTH, normalColor, owner, rowIndex, state

Fields inherited from class mx.core.UIComponent

clipParameters, drawFocus, enabled, focusEnabled, focusManager, focusTextField, groupName, kStretch, mergedClipParameters, origBorderStyles, origBorderValues, popUp, symbolName, symbolOwner, tabEnabled, tabIndex, version

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__height, __width, _color, _topmost, addEventListener, buildDepthTable, changeColorStyleInChildren, changeTextStyleInChildren, childrenCreated, className, clipParameters, color, createAccessibilityImplementation, createChildAtDepth, createEvent, ction, dispatchEvent, embedFonts, findNextAvailableDepth, fontFamily, fontSize, fontStyle, fontWeight, handleEvent, idNames, ignoreClassStyleDeclaration, initProperties, marginLeft, marginRight, methodTable, notifyStyleChangeInChildren, removeEventListener, setStyle, stylecache, styleName, symbolName, symbolOwner, textAlign, textColorList, textDecoration, textIndent, validateNow, version

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_alpha, _currentframe, _droptarget, _focusrect, _framesloaded, _height, _lockroot, _name, _parent, _quality, _rotation, _soundbuftime, _target, _totalframes, _url, _visible, _width, _x, _xmouse, _xscale, _y, _ymouse, _yscale, enabled, focusEnabled, hitArea, tabChildren, tabEnabled, tabIndex, tooltipText, trackAsMenu, useHandCursor

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__proto__, constructor, prototype

Properties inherited from class mx.core.UIComponent

height, width

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bottom, height, left, minHeight, minWidth, right, scaleX, scaleY, top, visible, width, x, y


MenuRow ( )

Method Summary

getIdealWidth ( Void ): Number
return the ideal width for this row item

itemToString ( itmObj : Object ): String
parses the item to return a display string

setValue ( itemObj: Object, sel: String )
assemble assets - super will handle text color and background enabling

size ( Void ): Void
set the properties of the row assets

Methods inherited from class mx.controls.listclasses.SelectableRow

bGOnDragOut, bGOnDragOver, bGOnPress, bGOnRelease, bGOnRollOut, bGOnRollOver, createChildren, drawRow, drawRowFill, getCellIndex, getDataLabel, getNormalColor, init, invalidateStyle, itemToString, onTweenEnd, onTweenUpdate, setCellRenderer, setState, setupBG, setValue, size

Methods inherited from class mx.core.UIComponent

dispatchValueChangedEvent, enabledChanged, findFocusFromObject, findFocusInChildren, getFocus, getFocusManager, init, isParent, onKillFocus, onSetFocus, pressFocus, releaseFocus, setEnabled, setFocus, setVisible, size

Methods inherited from class mx.core.UIObject

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Methods inherited from class MovieClip

attachAudio, attachMovie, beginFill, beginGradientFill, clear, createEmptyMovieClip, createTextField, curveTo, duplicateMovieClip, endFill, getBounds, getBytesLoaded, getBytesTotal, getDepth, getInstanceAtDepth, getNextHighestDepth, getSWFVersion, getTextSnapshot, getURL, globalToLocal, gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, hitTest, lineStyle, lineTo, loadMovie, loadVariables, localToGlobal, moveTo, nextFrame, onData, onDragOut, onDragOver, onEnterFrame, onKeyDown, onKeyUp, onKillFocus, onLoad, onMouseDown, onMouseMove, onMouseUp, onPress, onRelease, onReleaseOutside, onRollOut, onRollOver, onSetFocus, onUnload, play, prevFrame, removeMovieClip, setMask, startDrag, stop, stopDrag, swapDepths, unloadMovie, valueOf

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addProperty, hasOwnProperty, isPropertyEnumerable, isPrototypeOf, registerClass, toLocaleString, toString, unwatch, valueOf, watch

Field Documentation


var branch: Boolean


var icon_branch: MovieClip


var icon_mc: MovieClip


var icon_sep: MovieClip


var iconID: String


var idealWidth: Number


var isEnabled: Boolean


var lBuffer: Number


var rBuffer: Number


var selected: Boolean


var type: String

Constructor Documentation


function MenuRow()

Method Documentation


function getIdealWidth(Void): Number
return the ideal width for this row item


function itemToString(itmObj : Object): String
parses the item to return a display string



function setValue(itemObj: Object,
 sel: String)
assemble assets - super will handle text color and background enabling



function size(Void): Void
set the properties of the row assets


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