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class CheckCellRenderer


class CheckCellRenderer
extends UIComponent

Field Summary

check: MovieClip

getCellIndex: Function

listOwner: MovieClip

Fields inherited from class mx.core.UIComponent

clipParameters, drawFocus, enabled, focusEnabled, focusManager, focusTextField, groupName, kStretch, mergedClipParameters, origBorderStyles, origBorderValues, popUp, symbolName, symbolOwner, tabEnabled, tabIndex, version

Fields inherited from class mx.core.UIObject

__height, __width, _color, _topmost, addEventListener, buildDepthTable, changeColorStyleInChildren, changeTextStyleInChildren, childrenCreated, className, clipParameters, color, createAccessibilityImplementation, createChildAtDepth, createEvent, ction, dispatchEvent, embedFonts, findNextAvailableDepth, fontFamily, fontSize, fontStyle, fontWeight, handleEvent, idNames, ignoreClassStyleDeclaration, initProperties, marginLeft, marginRight, methodTable, notifyStyleChangeInChildren, removeEventListener, setStyle, stylecache, styleName, symbolName, symbolOwner, textAlign, textColorList, textDecoration, textIndent, validateNow, version

Fields inherited from class MovieClip

_alpha, _currentframe, _droptarget, _focusrect, _framesloaded, _height, _lockroot, _name, _parent, _quality, _rotation, _soundbuftime, _target, _totalframes, _url, _visible, _width, _x, _xmouse, _xscale, _y, _ymouse, _yscale, enabled, focusEnabled, hitArea, tabChildren, tabEnabled, tabIndex, tooltipText, trackAsMenu, useHandCursor

Fields inherited from class Object

__proto__, constructor, prototype

Properties inherited from class mx.core.UIComponent

height, width

Properties inherited from class mx.core.UIObject

bottom, height, left, minHeight, minWidth, right, scaleX, scaleY, top, visible, width, x, y

Method Summary

click ( )

createChildren ( Void ): Void

getPreferredHeight ( Void ): Number

getPreferredWidth ( Void ): Number

setValue ( str: String, item: Object, sel: Boolean ): Void

size ( Void ): Void
note that setSize is implemented by UIComponent and calls size(), after setting __width and __height

we ( var getDataLabel : Function; // the function we receive from the list, function )

Methods inherited from class mx.core.UIComponent

dispatchValueChangedEvent, enabledChanged, findFocusFromObject, findFocusInChildren, getFocus, getFocusManager, init, isParent, onKillFocus, onSetFocus, pressFocus, releaseFocus, setEnabled, setFocus, setVisible, size

Methods inherited from class mx.core.UIObject

__getTextFormat, _createChildren, _getTextFormat, cancelAllDoLaters, constructObject, createChildren, createClassObject, createEmptyObject, createLabel, createObject, createSkin, destroyObject, doLater, doLaterDispatcher, draw, drawRect, getClassStyleDeclaration, getMinHeight, getMinWidth, getSkinIDName, getStyle, getStyleName, init, initFromClipParameters, invalidate, invalidateStyle, mergeClipParameters, move, redraw, setColor, setMinHeight, setMinWidth, setSize, setSkin, setVisible, size

Methods inherited from class MovieClip

attachAudio, attachMovie, beginFill, beginGradientFill, clear, createEmptyMovieClip, createTextField, curveTo, duplicateMovieClip, endFill, getBounds, getBytesLoaded, getBytesTotal, getDepth, getInstanceAtDepth, getNextHighestDepth, getSWFVersion, getTextSnapshot, getURL, globalToLocal, gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, hitTest, lineStyle, lineTo, loadMovie, loadVariables, localToGlobal, moveTo, nextFrame, onData, onDragOut, onDragOver, onEnterFrame, onKeyDown, onKeyUp, onKillFocus, onLoad, onMouseDown, onMouseMove, onMouseUp, onPress, onRelease, onReleaseOutside, onRollOut, onRollOver, onSetFocus, onUnload, play, prevFrame, removeMovieClip, setMask, startDrag, stop, stopDrag, swapDepths, unloadMovie, valueOf

Methods inherited from class Object

addProperty, hasOwnProperty, isPropertyEnumerable, isPrototypeOf, registerClass, toLocaleString, toString, unwatch, valueOf, watch

Field Documentation


var check: MovieClip


var getCellIndex: Function


var listOwner: MovieClip

Method Documentation


function click()


function createChildren(Void): Void


function getPreferredHeight(Void): Number


function getPreferredWidth(Void): Number


function setValue(str: String,
 item: Object,
 sel: Boolean): Void


function size(Void): Void
note that setSize is implemented by UIComponent and calls size(), after setting __width and __height



function we(var getDataLabel : Function; // the function we receive from the list,

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